Independent Living

Independent Living allows seniors to maintain an independent lifestyle without the responsibilities of maintaining a personal home. Our independent living communities provide peace of mind and safety for residents while offering a great backdrop for living a fulfilling and wholehearted lifestyle. Residents can meet and socialize with other seniors who share common interests and who are in the same stage of life. With Independent Living at Senior Care Centers our residents can enjoy the privacy and comforts of a true home with the perks of belonging to a friendly neighborhood community. More Information

Short-Term Care

Offered at Senior Care Centers’ Skilled Nursing buildings, Short-Term Care provides additional care and support for those patients who want to regain strength and achieve their prior level of functioning following hospitalization or surgery. Together with our medical director and specialty physicians, our team of healthcare professionals will develop an individualized plan of treatment to help our short-term residents return quickly and safely to their highest possible level of functioning. Short-term care for residents may be needed for a few days or weeks, or any length of time. No matter the duration or extent of care offered, Senior Care Centers helps ensure that all assistance provided respects and honors the meaningful life of the individual. More Information

Long-Term Care

We believe that every day holds new opportunities for our residents to smile, tell stories or simply be close to family and friends. So our Long-Term Care services offer much more than just assistance with daily personal tasks that may have become challenging due to an ongoing medical or physical condition, disability, illness or injury. We also strive to create a comfortable, engaging and stress-free environment with many of the comforts of home. We focus on enhancing each individual’s quality of life, so he or she can enjoy the simple pleasures that every day brings. More Information

Assisted Living

The Assisted Living communities at Senior Care Centers are the ideal environment for seniors who want to maintain an independent lifestyle yet benefit from ongoing support. Our caring staff can help with daily tasks such as eating, bathing, dressing, laundry, housekeeping and management of medications. These services are provided in the privacy of one’s own home-like apartment. Whether lending a helping hand while getting dressed or providing a friendly reminder at meal and medication times, our residents and their loved ones have the assurance and comfort of 24-hour assistance. More Information


We are committed to continually offering one of the leading Senior Rehabilitation programs in the industry—providing individualized physical, occupational and speech therapies to our residents. We provide the encouragement and hope essential to well-being during and after the rehabilitation process. Through our Senior Rehabilitation program recovery can be expedited, functional independence maximized and, whenever possible, a safe return home facilitated. Our rehabilitation partner, Senior Rehab Solutions, takes the lead providing patient-specific treatment plans that address the whole life of a resident, not just a treatment for an immediate concern. More Information

Palliative/Hospice Care

We are committed to treating the whole life of a resident, not just an illness or injury. To provide much needed comfort and reassurance to our residents our Palliative Care program utilizes a variety of treatments administered by a skilled team of therapists, counselors and social workers to help relieve pain and suffering while offering hope and encouragement. More than just an excellent bed-side manner—a guiding principle at all Senior Care Centers—our Palliative Care plans may include psychological counseling, spiritual care assistance, developing a support system and assistance coping with symptoms beyond medical intervention. More Information

Outpatient Therapy Services

Several of Senior Care Centers’ buildings offer Outpatient Therapy. Whether recovering from an acute medical issue or a sports injury, our team of experienced therapists are committed to returning each patient to his or her highest level of functioning. Our team of therapists coordinates with the patient’s personal physician to create a custom treatment plan aimed at reaching recovery goals through a combination of physical therapy, occupational therapy and/or speech therapy programs. More Information

Memory Care

The Memory Care team at Senior Care Centers understands that memory loss significantly impacts every person and their support system differently. As a result, we focus on understanding each individual, so we may provide the most positive and appropriate care possible. We strive to get to know each resident as an individual, to make each feel safe, assured and at home. While our memory care residents have careful supervision, they also are guided to an appropriate level of independence to restore self-esteem and the dignity they have earned throughout their lives. Trained memory care nurses and therapists work diligently with physicians to provide an individualized plan of care for each resident, including medications, daily interaction and other forms of therapy. More Information

Pulmonary and Ventilator Unit Care

Every Senior Care Centers building is equipped to manage chronic respiratory disorders such as bronchitis, COPD or pneumonia. In addition, several buildings are also equipped to offer more complex respiratory care such as Tracheostomy and Ventilator Care services. A 24-hour on-site nursing staff specifically trained in respiratory management competencies is available, and many of these buildings also retain a full-time or on-call respiratory therapist, allowing for immediate treatment should complications arise. More Information

Cardiac Care

Residents with acute or ongoing heart-related issues, including individuals recovering from a heart attack or congestive heart failure (CHF) exacerbation, receive the highest levels of care at Senior Care Centers. Our compassionate and skilled caregivers work with each resident and his or her physicians to facilitate a speedy return to prior activities and to the highest possible level of independence. In addition, Senior Care Centers’ supportive team provides guidance in modifying behaviors that may increase risks for a reoccurrence of symptoms. We want patients and residents with cardiac challenges to live as comfortably and worry-free as possible, while guarding him or her against future cardiac complications. More Information

Wound Care Management

Wounds, regardless of type and size, can negatively impact a person’s overall well-being as they may hinder both nutrition and mobility. Senior Care Centers partners with specialized wound care physicians who work in-house with our residents and assist the interdisciplinary team in creating a patient and resident-specific Wound Care Management plan. Select buildings also retain a certified wound care nurse who carries out treatments as directed by a physician while also helping the patient or resident heal holistically. More Information

Diabetes Care

While impacting more than 23 million people in the United States, diabetes can be a serious chronic condition that requires careful monitoring and daily skilled care. From medical treatment to simple adjustments in daily routines, the professional and caring staff at Senior Care Centers teach each resident how to manage the patient’s or resident’s individual symptoms while helping prevent further complications. We focus on managing the disease, so our patients and residents may enjoy full and complete lives. The Diabetes Management program at Senior Care Centers reinforces the importance of maintaining a positive lifestyle while fully complying with the recommended individualized treatment plan prescribed by a physician. More Information

Stroke Recovery

We understand that recovering from a stroke may be a very challenging period of time for both the patient or residents and their support system. The interdisciplinary Stroke Recovery Care team at Senior Care Centers—comprised of physical, occupational and speech therapists, registered dietitians and registered nurses—works together to assist our patients and residents following a stroke, hemorrhaging stroke or transient ischemic attack. We want to help our residents relearn the skills they need for everyday living, so they may return to full, meaningful lives. More Information

Dialysis Care

Several Senior Care Centers locations are equipped to provide in-house hemodialysis for our residents. These buildings also have a skilled nephrologist on staff to assist with the process and to ensure optimal care for our patients and residents. Peritoneal dialysis is offered to patients on a case by case basis in select buildings. When hemodialysis is not available on-site, Senior Care Centers will transport a patient or resident to and from appointments at dialysis centers. A specialized nutrition program led by a registered dietician gives patients or residents with renal diets delicious options to help them make healthy meal choices throughout their day. More Information

Specialized Nutrition Program

Our Specialized Nutrition Program offers delicious, nutritional meal options that continually raise the bar for excellence and quality. All Senior Care Centers strive to ensure that our patients and residents enjoy an elegant and dignified meal experience. We provide an expansive variety of delicious menu choices, regardless of specific care level our patients and residents receive. Popular meal services include salad bars, soup bars, cereal bars, coffee bars, omelet stations, waffle stations and snack stations along with our regular full dinner menu. Select buildings have also incorporated extended dining hours, continental breakfasts and room service to facilitate resident centered care. More Information